Concrete Supplies

Thirty Eight years of experience will assist you with your project.

Concrete Forms

We offer for sale or rent a prefabricated concrete forming system. The system includes Panels, Fillers, Corners and all required connecting hardware. We also provide shop drawing with details and section views making it very easy to assemble equipment.

Column Forms

We stock 6” – 48” diameter column form tube. Column Form custom cutting available.

Concrete Sealers

We stock many different concrete sealers, curing compounds, and Concrete Hardeners and Densifiers for all your concrete construction projects.

Concrete Stains

We stock a wide variety of different stains for concrete including Acid Stains, Solvent Based Stains, Water Based Stains, and Concentrated Stains for Concrete Polishing.

Rebar Fabrication

We offer 20 ft stock length rebar in sizes from # 3 (3/8″) thru # 8 ( 1″ ) as well as custom bending and fabrication per your drawings on rebar. We also stock epoxy coated #4 & #5 rebar in 20 ft stock lengths. We also offer Circle Ties for Sonotube Cages. 

Concrete Stamps

We have a full line of Concrete Stamps available for rent and to purchase. We offer all of the material you need to complete your Stamped Concrete projects including Integral Color for concrete, Antique Release as well as Color Hardener. We also offer chemicals for Exposed Aggregate Concrete. Come to us for all of your decorative concrete supply needs. Concrete Stamps Available for Rent.

Decorative Concrete

Striker Supply is Northern Michgans preferred supplier for all of your Decorative Concrete needs. We offer Concrete Stamp, Rental and Sales, Integral Concrete Color , Antique Release Powder, many types of Concrete Sealers from Water Based to Solvent Based and Penetrating Sealers, Acid Stains , Penetrating Stains, Concrete Polishing Supplies and much more.

Concrete Patching

We offer many different products for your concrete patching needs be it horizontal, vertical or overhead patching.

Other products

We offer many different concrete construction products including Concrete Reinforcing Mesh, ADA Panels, Construction Grouts, Waterstops , Fiber Expansion Material, many different Joint Sealants, Nails, Nail Stakes, Mesh Chairs, Vapor Barriers, Trench Drains, Clear Poly Film, String Reinforced Poly, Anchor Bolts, Wall Ties, Rebar Safety Caps, Foundation Coatings, and many other Specialty Concrete Products. Please call us if you have any questions regarding our product lines.